LRCM is looking for a consultant or a group of consultants to evaluate the organisation's Strategy

LRCM seeks to contract a consultant / team of consultants (hereinafter referred to as - the Consultant) to undertake the external evaluation of the implementation of the 2018-2021 Strategy. The external evaluation is conducted to ensure the accountability to stakeholders and local partners and to validate the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the activities implemented by LRCM. It will also be used as a baseline for the next LRCM strategy to be elaborated in August-October 2021.


Objectives of the Evaluation

The objectives of this evaluation are to:

  • Undertake an evaluation to assess the strategy’s:

a) Relevance – the extent to which the objectives were consistent with beneficiaries’ needs and priorities;

b) Effectiveness – the extent to which the targeted objectives of the strategy were achieved (or are expected to be achieved);

c) Sustainability – the extent to which the benefits are likely to continue for the period of the next strategy;

e) Impact – where possible, the long-term effects produced during the implementation period (directly, indirectly, intended, unintended, positive and negative).

  • Provide recommendations for the next LRCM Strategy (2022-2025).

Illustrative questions directed at evaluating the activities, in each of the objectives, might include (but are not limited to) the following domains:

  1. To what extent the studies and policy proposals drafted by the LRCM team contributed to a more transparent and accountable justice system in Moldova?
  2. To what extent active monitoring of judicial institutions, such as the Superior Council of Magistracy, by LRCM increased the institutions transparency?
  3. To what extent the public reactions of LRCM contributed to a more independent judiciary?
  4. To what extent the activities undertaken by the LRCM team enabled professionals to use and apply human rights standards in their daily work?
  5. To what extent the documents produced by the LRCM helped the national stakeholders and international fora?
  6. To what extent the activities undertaken by the LRCM lead to a more conductive Legal framework for a more effective and sustainable CSO sector?
  7. How has the LRCM activity influenced the CSO sector, and what capacities has it built, if any?
  8. To what extent the implemented activities under the institutional program component strengthened LRCM’s watchdog and institutional capacities?
  9. Is there evidence that the initiatives started during the implementation period are likely to grow – scaling up and out – for the next strategy of LRCM?

The evaluation shall focus on the period 2018-2021 (the duration of the strategy).

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